Daily Driver.

It’s funny how those two words can change everything in your build. There comes a point in every build where you begin to walk a fine line between a daily driver, or a show car. I quickly learned this lesson, but I was already too late to benefit.

With the election to run higher boost and a larger blower came a whole new set of rules, higher octane was now a must – not an option. Coupling the higher boost requirements with the car’s overall stance and wheel selection,  only proved I blew the fine line away altogether.

It was at this point that I had an epiphany, why not buy a daily? So I did. With the sale of the Si long behind me, I had been missing VTEC. I ultimately ended up purchasing an ’06 Acura RSX-S, I loved it.

Sadly, in under 1 year of ownership, a completed transmission failure ended my i-VTEC love affair. The “ring-gear” failed and caused the transmission to literally grenade, internally. After doing some research I was relieved to know it was a known issue; however the $5,500 bill that Honda picked up left me with a dimished sense of faith in the car.

I ultimately parted this car out, with plenty of mods not seen in the photos here, and traded it in for my ’07 Subaru STi.  Here’s the only real shots of the car I’ve got left.

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