Project 1.


It was through the attendance of the ’05 Los Angeles Auto Convention that I came across my next, future, project car. A handful of friends and I went to take a look at the newest cars coming out; I couldn’t think of a better idea, with the sale of the Si now behind me.

As we made our way through the various makes of cars, nothing had stood out to me just yet; I was looking for the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Little did I know that wolf wasn’t far from where I was standing; taking a short walk I came across BMW’s display, it was a while before I left. Off to the side stood the E46 330Ci Performance Package (ZHP), sitting quietly next to an E46 M3.

The ZHP was simply stunning, of course I loved the M3 as well, but I just couldn’t get myself out of the ZHP. I can vividly recall sitting in the car for what seemed like an eternity; leaving the show it was the only car that remained on my mind, the ZHP was it.  I was suprised that I had never seen a ZHP before, especially relative to how many E46 M3s I saw – all the time.

The next day I set to work calling every local dealership, trying to get  any information on when I would be able to get my hands on one; I had no idea what kind of challenge I was in for. Six plus dealerships later, hours of phone calls, a seemingly endless wait and finally I was rewarded with obtaining my ZHP.

The end results speak for themselves:




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