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My first car was this ’00 Honda Civic Si, I’ll never forget it!

This project enabled me  to further develop my understanding of the mechanics involved with modifying a car, as well as my tuning style.

My goal was to provide a solid example of how to blend a sutble, elegant, look with the fire in your pants kind of performance we all love.

The “stance” was far from aggressive, the wheels 100% factory and the only indication of any real bark was from the HKS Hi-Power exhaust.

The heart of the car was the Intergra Type R bottom end; I couldn’t explain how much of a difference those two tenths of a liter in displacement made in the car’s personality. The solid motor mounts and the Toda clutch kit always made driving the car feel special.

Here’s a couple shots of the car:

The Point.

Hello Everyone,

This blog will serve as a means to work on the continuous documentation of my on going STi build and allow me to share my resume of past project cars.

I’m eager to provide you with a history of my past projects; to share with you  the struggles from on going projects and the end results, which make it all worth it.

It’s my goal to aid the few enthusiasts working to perserve a way of automotive tuning that has grown relatively rare, tuning with direction and purpose.

Your comments are valued and respected; I encourage you to comment as you see fit!

Thank you,

-Chris Walker